What is the meaning of 'bank error' when using Instantor?

'Bank error' usually means that Instantor could not obtain data from the bank.


There are several reasons for this of which most common are:

  • Bank is currently unavailable because of service outage or maintenance.
  • Bank requires 'external user action'. It means that bank requires end-user to respond to a message from the bank through his/her internet banking. This usually means confirm or update data, change PIN, read important notification, etc. In these cases, it is recommended that end-user login directly into internet banking, resolve blocking message, and then retry using Instantor.In case of 'bank error', Instantor will display a message about a problem to the customer. For example, user won't be able to identify using his internet banking until "user changes PIN".
  • End-user is going through the Instantor process, but then opens internet banking in a second browser window, or opens internet banking phone app. In this case, bank will unexpectedly interrupt Instantor's data collection process resulting in 'bank error'. This logic is used for most banks - only one active login session is allowed at one point in time, and all prior login sessions will be logged out.

Above cases are most common, but clients are welcome to report specific case of 'bank error' and Instantor support team will investigate it.