Which banks are supported by Instantor?

Today, Instantor covers 90% of online banking customers in 25 markets.

Instantor appeals to a broad spectrum of organisations; including traditional banks, short-term lending businesses, peer-to-peer lenders, e-retailers and other FinTech companies. Our products support numerous banks in many countries across four continents – Europe, South & North America and Asia. We currently have 150+ clients globally using our solutions, and our API has a potential reach of half a billion people.

Which banks are supported by Instantor?

We support a minimum of 90% of all online banking customers in each market in which we operate. We estimate market share for banks using several different proxies, including; total deposit size, number of clients, size of asset base and number of branches. 

Among our current clients you’ll find Swedish online bank Northmill, Swedish FinTech company Gimi, and pioneers in FinTech across Europe and Latin America ID Finance, just to mention a few. For the complete and updated list of Instantor markets, check our web page: www.instantor.com/about.

For more information about which banks are covered in a market, please contact our team here or at businessdev@instantor.com