Will I get notified if the service is down?

When the service is down, you will get a notification via email. The notification will include as much information about the error and an estimated time for repair - if possible.

If the error comes from our service, we will be able to know right away in order to notify all the affected clients in case the repair takes more than a couple of minutes to be completed. Some errors might only affect certain countries and therefore we will exclusively notify clients from those specific countries.

notification via email

However, if an error comes from a partner bank’ service, we are not able to notice it so quickly. This process takes longer since our client needs to report the error to our support team in order for us to be aware of the issue. Sometimes, when looking at success rates of our requests, we are able to notice if a service is broken before we get an error report. Naturally, we will try to find a solution for the error even in cases where the issue does not come from our service. If the repair cannot be quickly completed, we will notify all the affected clients.

If you are interested to know more about how to report an error, check out our article: How Can I Contact Technical Support?.