What is the meaning of "Insufficient data", "No transactions found", and "No accounts found"?

"Insufficient data", "No transactions found", and "No accounts found" is the error in the report that will be produced when there are not enough data in the bank (end-user fault), or when Instantor extraction method did not find one (Instantor fault)


Status "insufficient data" and comment "No transactions/accounts found" indicates following common options:

  1. End-user’s accounts do not have any transactions in the requested date interval (e.g. 3 months, 6 months, 12 months).
  2. End-user does not have any accounts that are accessible via internet banking.
  3. End-user used business internet banking credentials to log in. Please see FAQ about “Our users aren't able to connect their business bank accounts”.

In all cases, user’s details contained in the report are reliable information.

Above listed are most common reasons, but if end-user reports otherwise (he/she does have transactions for requested date interval) - please report such cases and Instantor support team will investigate the cause of the data inconsistency.