What is the meaning of 'scrape error' when using Instantor?

'Scrape error' usually means that Instantor could not aggregate users´ data.

What is the meaning of 'scrape error' when using Instantor?Instantor is sending reports to our clients for any user activity. Meaning that, when a user instantiates any activity with our iFrame, e.g. choose one bank, and then changed his mind and selected another bank, an entry in the report would be logged as "abandoned request". Similarly, if a user goes to the login screen but does not enter credentials or just closes his web browser. These, however, are not errors.

Why do we send a report for each user action? 

Because we want our clients to be informed about the actions of their end-users in case of any complaints. That way, we can identify what actions user actually made either to challenge his claim or to debug if there is indeed any issue with our service.